Dr. Paul Pillai: India National Inland Missions

Dr. Pillai with family members

Dr. Paul Pillai is the founder and director of India Inland Mission, which plants churches among Hindus. The mission also runs orphanages and a Bible College for training evangelists and pastors. Formerly a Hindu lawyer, Paul was converted when healed through an Indian Christian's prayer. During his thirty years in India, he has seen God's mighty hand at work.

Consider the following stories, as told by Dr. Pilai:

*We thank God for his faithfulness in our mission work and the many signs and wonders admit much persecution and danger. It is difficult to write about them all because it is a story of 30 years in unknown places where churches are established now.

*One village did not have drinking water, only salt water. We prayed for pure water and the Lord provided pure water. The whole village came to Christ.

*The chief in another village became blind for three years. His eyes were opened through our laying on hands and praying. The village came to Christ.

*Another village suffered from constant attacks of a tiger from the nearby forest. No police or gun men could spot it to shoot it as it came at unexpected times around midnight. Some of our team members preached the gospel in that village and went around the village seven times and claimed the protection of the village by the circle of the blood of Christ. Since then for over eight years the tiger has never returned. Before that, every week someone used to be attacked and killed. No more now.

*At another place a witch doctor had cursed a man and his animals because of enmity. The man's seven milking buffaloes stopped giving milk. Our workers rebuked the curse in the name of Jesus. Suddenly the buffaloes started giving milk. Half of the villagers came to know Christ through that.

*A large gathering came to hear the gospel in another village. A militant Hindu group organised a riot against it and tried to stop the meeting. Our people started praying together in the spirit. Suddenly thunder and lightning came. The leader of the gang which attacked us became totally blinded. That stopped the riot and the meetings continued for five days. On the fifth day the leader of the riot who was blinded came forward for healing. Jesus healed him and he accepted Christ and was baptised as a believer in Christ.

*In one place during the monsoon season the Lord stopped the rain for three days just in the area of our tent and surrounding places. People were amazed at this. This was at a time when all other places were flooding with rain. Even buildings were washed away. Our tent meetings went on at the top of a mountain. Many were healed, delivered from demons, and touched by the Holy Spirit. Hundreds were convicted of their sins and accepted Christ.

*In central India a whole tribe came to Christ through our work by the simple open door the Lord gave through a ministry of deliverance. The daughter of the tribal chief became insane through demon possession. The Lord used our mission team to deliver her from that. The chief and the tribe accepted Christ as their only Lord.

*A fire broke out in a village where about 10,000 people lived in small huts almost wall to wall with thatched rooves and mud walls. We established a church with ten believers in that village. There was no fire engine or help available for the villagers. Smoke filled the whole air. The people could not see anything anywhere except thick smoke.

*Our pastor and our believers called the whole village to stand around the village to call upon God in the name of Jesus to stop the fire. Thousands prayed. Our pastor kept shouting through the microphone to keep calling upon the name of Jesus. The fire started in the morning about 8.30 am. The smoke filled the village till five that evening. All that time people were calling upon Jesus.

*Then the pastor declared that the Lord would clear the smoke and that no lives would be lost. The smoke went away. The villagers found only two huts burnt where the fire started. The other houses were not destroyed. No one was hurt. The village accepted Christ.

*During a pneumonic plague the whole nation was in panic. The plague started in Surat where we had a ministry for 20 years. The people ran out of the town in thousands. Many prominent leaders of several villages came to our church and asked our people to pray as they heard about the power of Jesus from us. The believers fasted and prayed. The plague was stopped completely in that town. God's people have prayed in thousands, and we continued to pray for the protection of the land from the plague.

*These are a few of the things I have remembered. We never kept a record of these events. Only the Lord keeps track of these things. The Lord continues to do many thing for his glory. Indian Inland Mission workers all over north India see many things like that. They work with native people and help many children who are very simple in their faith in the living God.

'If you believe you will see the glory of God' (John 11:40).

Dr. K. V. Paul Pillai is the author of INDIA'S SEARCH FOR THE UNKNOWN CHRIST and other books.